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About My Classes
I love to teach others how to cook!  I am currently offering group classes twice a month, conducted in my home in Terre Haute, IN.   My focus for the first quarter of 2015 is on Low-Fat Vegan cooking.
After a huge success  of Cooking class we  are planning to offer every other month. I am very happy and proud to introduce my friend and a great cook Debbie stevens will be joining me in my cooking venture.
Class Description
Low-Fat Vegan Cooking
This class covers stir-fry vegetables, lentils, tofu and rice.  I will teach you how to pressure-cook, saute and temper, and season with healthy herbs and spices!
Class Schedule:
Next class will be on June 9th Tuesday  from  5:30 – 8.00 p.m.
I will be teaching vegan low-fat basic Indian staple dishes. Feel free to sign up or email me at
 Debbie will be teaching Seitan,Tempeh and Tofu dishes.
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Custom Classes

I am also offering custom cooking classes for those of you who would like to learn a specific set of dishes.  I can offer hands-on training for any recipe from my blog plus hundreds of other healthy meals.  Custom classes can also be taught in your home, or with a small group.  These are a fun, interactive way to enjoy the spirit of cooking and to learn something new with a group of your close friends or family!  To schedule a custom class, please email me or call me:


How I got started teaching classes
On January 17th 2014, Phung of Asian Market (located on Wabash Avenue in Terre Haute, IN), invited me to teach an Indian Cooking Class.  She wanted me to cook a rice and curry recipe with lots of vegetables.  Because the temperature was only 15 degrees outside the Lentil Soup with Warm Roasted Pitas were a big hit.
We tried the following recipes from my blog:


We also made “Cool Cucumber Raita” and “Lentil Soup.”With the Lentil Soup, I taught the class how to make “Warm Pocket Pitas.” If you have an electric stove, you cover the burners with a grill and warm the pitas.  This can also be done in a toaster oven.  Pitas will puff up and will be toasted and roasted.
During my class, there were a few questions I answered that I though I would share with you:
Q: One Gentleman: “I was given a jar of Dry Mango Powder and was wondering how to use it?”
A: Dry Mango Powder can be used as a substitute for sour things like lemon juice, but it will change the color by darkening it.  It can be used with lentils and chickpeas, also.
Q: A Nurse from Chicago: “Nursing mothers sometimes do not eat well and have a difficult time producing enough milk.  What can help with this problem?”
A: Cumin seeds and a glass of milk helps with breast-feeding.  If the cumin seeds are too old, they will not work, so they should be very fresh.

More photos from our cooking class:



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